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Micro-Enterprises Application Form For Businesses applying for loans not exceeding N500 000. 00 Five Hundred Thousand Naira LSETF LAGOS STATE EMPLOYMENT TRUST FUND Application Form Instructions 1. Male General Information How did you hear about the LSETF programme Education Work Experience LSETF Website No Formal Education A Friend Primary School Social Media Secondary School Print Media Vocational Training Government Ministry Apprentice Others Please Specify Internship What do you...
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[Music] the leaders take employment trust fund initiatives yet towards to modern enterprise development launched its parallel to learn support necessary my needs to be in an opening remarks the chairman of the ls CCS Mrs. The four o'clock are at the ch elate had the Mandate of the board the transparency of the process the 705 first beneficiary and the spread of the scheme drama campaign the need to provide jobs Australia on the mind of the compound we spoke about it talk about it and one of the very first things that he did on resumption of office or the enactment of the law setting of the employment response we all get to the ballpark and tell you that he personally in short the membership of the port was one that was really a yell of the day deliver on that promise excellency on the trail we were inaugurated transferred the special the first tranche of six billion nairas to the phone as a bird a mandate was clear to deliver on the promise to ensure a toaster to ensure that it covered all the local government areas of the state to ensure that there was no flavor after party religion tribe or critters it's very easy to give out money there's not very easy to give our money that you want the money back is also not very easy to say oh it is to be fair I thought that very easy glide cheese if you don't have the purposes to do it and that's what we spent our time doing I all November we're ready but again because of the need to ensure that as we go out we didn't want to make noise but wanted to also be sure that whatever we did was such that we address all the concerns and if you're putting a place and large project like this because they're quite a lot of money that's going to be, and I've been entrusted to us, you typically will do it I lot first I would decide to do a time off of our systems reach out to all the different bodies within the states that had actually cooking tasted process themselves to generate entrepreneurs looking for funding who they had trained and who I sure that will cut across the breast of the speaker and that's what we did and what we see today is the outcome of that title wait too long Roy will have 705 beneficiaries today who have gone through that process of a time being screened by reputable international firm PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Wellington going through all the various applications we have up we have something available for people that have requested was lost thirty thousand well I microfinance of institution so small and medium scale of a maximum of five million gonna human body in a dress describes the LSB PS as a fulfillment of the campaign promise to promote job creation, so they mastered critical milestone in the appellation of our promise to negotiate in the course of our campaign we are going to fight unemployment as a mental process from Amex challenge facing the ghost is an idea the hole in a commitment of this we promise to prioritize job creation and set up an employment respond to provide...
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